Compared with XP, I really do believe that Vista has upped the ante in terms of mobility functionality.  Having all of the laptop related commands in something like the mobility center, gives me very easy and efficient access to all the controls I need to configure my laptop when on the move, and the fact that it allows manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba etc to bolt their controls for their hardware into the Mobility Center is an added bonus.

Improved tablet functionality across the different versions, and excellent media features in the home versions mean that when I'm on the move, I can stay entertained.  However, I'm not actually seeing how this can save me money at present.  Sure, Mobility Center ensures I can be quicker and more efficient accessing those controls, but, in the grand scheme of things, is it going to save me a fortune?  I doubt it.  However, a report has been published detailing how Vista, along with the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, can save you money, compared with Windows XP, and get this, it could be as much as $605 per machine per year.  Multiply that by 1000 and that gives you over $600,000, or in Soccer terms, 4 days of a Beckham week ;-)

That's a lot of money - but how were these savings made?

Well, you can read the whole PDF article here, entitled "Reducing TCO with Windows Vista - Quantified Savings for Mobile PC's".

It's actually quite an interesting read, and eWeek have a good write up; "Bill Barna, a consultant for Wipro Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, India, worked with GCR Custom Research on the study, which started in January and ended in May. He said the TCO savings were achieved in three ways. The first was replacing Windows XP machines with Vista ones and taking advantage of Vista's out-of-the-box features, which yielded a saving of $251 per PC per year."XPvsVista

So, even out of the box, Vista was saving $251 per PC per year?  Obviously this won't apply to every company out there, but it's promising nonetheless.  This $251 was broken down into Security ($55 savings per machine),  Desktop Engineering and Support Savings ($46 per PC), Service Desk Savings ($8 per mobile machine), Labor Savings ($141 per PC).

Interesting reading I'd say.

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