MicrosoftIOIf you aren't aware of what Infrastructure Optimisation is, or what it's all about, chances are, you could be missing a trick - a trick that really could boost sales for your business.  At a high level, it's about ensuring a business is moving from a very static, basic infrastructure, through to a proactive, dynamic infrastructure.  There is a great 10 minute explanatory video here, along with a whole host of information on Infrastructure Optimisation, at the MicrosoftIO website.

There are also a whole host of PowerPoint presentations, white papers and so on, all at this site - I'd highly recommend taking a look if you get the chance.

So, below you'll find a number of courses taking place in Reading over the next couple of months, and best of all, they're free, so if you know nothing about IO, or you'd like to learn more, at least it's only going to cost you your time - and it may turn out to be a very worthy investment indeed.  If you can't attend in person, flip down to the bottom for some online courses.

Selling with Infrastructure Optimisation

This one day workshop will provide partners with the tools and techniques required to leverage Infrastructure Optimization to increase their sales pipelines. This workshop will show delegates how to identify new opportunities using IO as well as how IO provides the basis of selling high value solutions to customers. Delegates will be taken through a highly interactive workshop that ends with the delivery of an IO briefing to the customer and the definition of a Strategic Technology Roadmap.

Five deliveries will be scheduled, the first taking place on 15th October in Reading

Cost for partners to attend:  Free

To register, use the links below:

BPIO University

This 3-day instructor-led training teaches partners how to position the 2007 Microsoft Office system in business conversations with customers—driving to a higher close rate.

Focused on the 2007 Office system and the Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization (BPIO) campaign, this programme will help you:

  • Enhance customer acquisition,
  • Increase the depth of your relationship with customers so that you become a “trusted advisor”,
  • Develop new sales methodologies, and
  • Extend your relationship with customers.

Five deliveries will be scheduled, the first taking place on the 16th October in Reading

Cost for partners to attend:  Free

To register, use the links below:

APO University

The APO (Application Platform Optimisation) Sales University is a comprehensive three day sales readiness programme that will prepare and arm strategic partners with the knowledge and tools to drive growth and win customers on the Microsoft Application Platform.

This programme will help you:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the Application Platform Optimisation Model, its relationship and interdependence with the other Microsoft IO models (Business Productivity and Core Infrastructure)
  • Learn how to leverage the APO model to help customers solve real world problems.

Four deliveries will be scheduled, with the first taking place in November in Reading.

Cost for partners to attend: Free

To register, use the links below:

Online Courses - Webinars / Tutorials / Events (Free)

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