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The blogging bug...

The blogging bug...

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It was quite a strange day yesterday - not strange in a bad way, not at all.  It started with an email from David, at TranquilPC.  He'd found, via my blog, that James and I were putting on another set of Vista: After Hours events at the end of September.  Why was this of interest to David?  Well, apart from the events being amazing ;-) (and therefore of interest to everyone!), David and the team at TranquilPC have recently developed a dedicated Home Server appliance, the T7-HSA which has not only received a positive review on PC-Pro but has some very compelling specifications.  The PC itself is fanless, and therefore silent, but also packs a 500GB hard disk, and wait for it...runs on less than 24 Watts.  Now I'd say that's pretty impressive.  Even better for the environmentalists out there, which includes me, 70% of the casework is recycled.  Great stuff.

Aside from the products that TranquilPC create, David and I started a conversation of marketing, and I brought up the whole world of blogging, after all, it was how David found me - even though he'd conversed with Microsoft in the past, he found me through the blog.  I explained how easy it was to start, and although it takes a while to get going, within a few months, I'm sure you'll see it gaining momentum.  David obviously took this on board, as later in the day, he'd created his blog, and was already publishing away!  Nice work!


As a business, there really is value in embracing Web 2.0, and the blogging bug.  With a technology blog in general, Scoble has some great advice - it's important to be real, be human, and generate open discussion, not just plug your products.  Obviously you want to shift more product out of the door, but in blogging, indirect is often more powerful than direct selling.  Also, take criticism constructively - expect to get it.

It's also very useful to comment on other peoples' blog's.  Not only does it build up a network, and rapport, but it can also generate links back to your own site, and create a community around your site, and inevitably your products.

It's also worth noting that it's a good idea to have a decent blogging tool <startPlug> and to meet your needs, you won't get much better than Windows Live Writer :-) (Couldn't resist).  It even, as James points out, now has a Social Bookmarking Plugin to help drive traffic to your blog.</startPlug>

You'll be able to get a look at the T7-HSA, along with a stack of other cool technology at the Vista: After Hours events, taking place at the end of September.

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  • nice one Matt - keep sharing the blog love!

  • I was reading Matt McSpirit's blog and stumbled upon Tranquil PC , a company Matt has been talking to

  • I was reading Matt McSpirit&#39;s blog and stumbled upon Tranquil PC , a company Matt has been talking

  • Good news !!

    Gigabit announced - and a CPU boost too

  • Just a quick update, tickets are going fast for the Vista: After Hours events, but you still have a chance

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