How to buy and license your Microsoft software

I'm going to start with a statement that will probably resonate with a lot of you out there; Licensing is confusing sometimes.  I say sometimes, because it isn't always confusing - not when there are cool tools to help, such as the Virtualisation Calculator we released a few months back, for those considering a future on a virtualisation platform.

Anyway, Microsoft, at least in the UK anyway, have taken this on board and released an improved web site to help you understand licensing Microsoft products.

The site is divided nicely into a couple of different sections:

  • Home Users
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • A business with less than 250 users
  • A business with more than 250 users

There are also options to locate a partner who may be able to implement the kid of solutions you are looking for.  There's also an option to email/call Microsoft to answer your questions.

I'd be interested to hear your feedback about the new site.  Feel free to comment.

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