Office Live at a glance I blogged 'Developing on Office Live' a few weeks back, and highlighted a great blog by a chap called Darren Johnstone.

Tim, who provided me with Darren's details, has also uncovered another Office Live nugget, which was recorded at this year's MIX07 Web Developers conference.

Having watched the webcast, I can safely say, it's the most convincing and clearest demo I have seen so far to explain to web developers, ISV's etc… what the possibilities are, on Office Live, based on a specific business case (Northwind Bed and Breakfast :-)).

The video also covers aspects such as:

Building custom business applications for Office Live, Collecting & displaying data on website, Workflow, Business rules, SharePoint Designer, Outlook calendar integration, Virtual Earth Web 2.0 mash-up, Web Services API, Working with Windows Live ID & much more....

Moreover, you can optionally watch on the new Silverlight viewer and the quality of broadcast (once you have downloaded and installed Silverlight 1.0 beta) is excellent.  Alternatively, you can download in other formats here, such as Zune and iPod.

Definitely worth a watch.  It's just over an hour long, with the final 10-15 minutes dedicated to questions.

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