Now, I've had my hands on this for a while, and it is superb.  I'm not the only one who thinks that either.  At our recent 'Vista: After Hours' event, both James and I were quite taken aback by the enthusiasm and demand that the product generated.  However, at the time, Home Server was part of an invite-only beta program, but now, with the RC release, it's open to everyone to start testing, and enjoying :-)

So, what's it all about?  Forget that!  Register first!

OK, so what is it all about...

Well, think about this.  Do you have loads of photo's and music on different PC's?  Do you have friends bringing their machines around to your house, joining your home network, yet you are not sure whether they have anti-virus etc?  Can you easily access your content from anywhere in the world?  Well, Home Server hit's all those nails on the head with a whopping hammer, and then some.

You can read all about the delights of Home Server here.

So, What’s new in RC1? (Thanks to

  • Bug Fixes (obviously)
  • Additional remote access capabilities
  • Improved setup wizard
  • Automatic router-setup for UPnP 2.0 routers

It's also important to note: "The Windows Home Server product team would like to ask everybody to opt in to the “Customer Experience Improvement” program during the RC release of Windows Home Server. The anonymous data collected will help us better understand how many servers are up and running as well as some basic data about those servers, number of hard drives, number of PCs connected and whether backups are successful.  You will help us make Windows Home Server a better product if you turn on this option."

If that's not enough, you can even download add-ins for Windows Home Server - James has these documented!


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