Not sure if you've seen this website, but it's a pretty cool way to find out about Windows Server 2008.  It's a pretty cool flash-based site (where's the Silverlight!), giving you information on how to download the Beta 3 of Server 2008, how Server 2008 brings you more control, flexibility and greater protection, and there are also a number of video's you can watch on there, which contain interviews with members of the product teams, among others.  A valuable resource me thinks :-)

By adding your face, you can join the Windows Server 2008 Developer Community and really help to change the face of the product before it's too late...

On a lighter note, there are some pretty cool video's kicking around the web, featuring the Windows Server team, and on this occasion, they are trying to come up with a great way to distribute the Beta 3 of Server 2008...

Video: It's raining Beta 3!

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