How are you? Is your organisation in peak condition?  Is it operating as effectively as it possibly could?  Could you be using some of the benefits that come as part of the Microsoft Partner Program to boost your business?  Do you have a record of the benefits you are using?

Well, this little site: may be of use to you.  Essentially, it's a health check site for your business, and as a Microsoft Partner, you have access.  Doctor MSPP (Cheesy or what!) will update you, every quarter, to keep you up to date and ensure that you are in the know about which benefits you are making use of and which that you could make more use of to boost your business.  Sounds great!

Other benefits of the Health Check Site include information and resources around the Microsoft Action Pack, Campaign Builder, Microsoft Sales Toolkit, Partner Channel Builder, Solution Profiler, Telephone-Based Pre-Sales Technical Support and 5- Pack Professional Support Incidents.  There is also a dedicated area for ISV Partners.

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