Office Live

Just a quick post to let you know that there is now a section on the UK Partner Portal dedicated to Office Live.  It details the following information:

•    When to offer Office Live on it's own
•    When to offer Small Business Server on it's own
•    When to Start with Microsoft Office Live and Set the Stage for Future SBS Opportunities

You can read all of this at

This is US generated content, so may not be relevant to all in the UK, but the information is useful, and if you do have any suggestions or improvements, let me know.

The second piece of useful info is this link: which you can also find via the previous one.  It gives you plenty of information specifically about Office Live, what it is, how it can generate new revenue streams for your business and so on.  Definitely worth a look.

James has been working with a few of the guys to set up an Office Live site dedicated to deployment of Vista - definitely worth a look.