Really quick post - just thought you'd be interested to read a review of Longhorn Beta 3.  The review is by Computerworld and covers topics such as Virtualisation, Server Manager, Terminal Services, Server Core, IIS7, Branch Office, Security Enhancements and Powershell.  Some of my favourite quotes include:

"Windows Server Virtualization is the natural next step in Microsoft's virtualization story. With properly equipped hardware, you stand ready to enjoy a number of benefits that weren't possible before."

"So perhaps the second-most-improved area of Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3, at least to the administrator's naked eye, is in Terminal Services. Terminal Services has long been part of Windows on the server, but in this release it has taken on Citrix-like features that transform the functionality from a useful administration tool to an enterprise-caliber way to deploy applications to users."

"Server Core is the killer feature of Windows Server Longhorn. Imagine, if you will, the most fundamental part of Windows Server, finely tuned for performance, with all of the other stuff -- including, for the most part, the GUI -- completely removed. These headless machines can be deployed as infrastructure servers with few moving parts and, consequently, less to break. Welcome to Server Core."

"IIS 7 has come a long way from IIS 6. I first saw a demo of IIS 7 in early 2005 and was immediately enthusiastic about its possibilities, and I remain convinced it will become the Web server to beat once Windows Server Longhorn officially releases."

"Windows Server 2003 R2 made some incremental improvements to branch office support, but Windows Server Longhorn, at least in its current Beta 3 form, appears to take branch office support to a higher level. Those of you with vulnerability-plagued remote offices that need to be part of your domain should certainly take a look"

"There are numerous other security improvements within Windows Server Longhorn Beta 3, all of which are incremental and serve to further harden the base on which Windows on the server operates. Any security improvements are welcome"

"Think of Windows PowerShell as the command line on steroids, with extensibility that touches a lot of applications running on the server as well as areas of the server itself. With PowerShell, you get a command-line environment built on top of the .Net runtime and the .Net framework, which allows for much greater customization and flexibility of commands"

Read the full article here and download Longhorn Beta 3 for yourself here.