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When is 20gb, 13gb?

When is 20gb, 13gb?

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We've just finished the 2nd of 2 Vista: After Hours events, here at the Microsoft Campus in Reading, and one of the questions that we had (and trust me, there were flipping loads!) was around the Xbox 360 and it's 20gb hard disk.  Now, we all know that when you get the hard disk home, and format it to clear the videos and stuff that's on there already, you are still only left with 13gb, out of 20gb.  Why is that?

Well, I thought I'd have a quick scour around the web and I've found the answer.  Turns out, those helpful guys from IGN have sussed it.  Thanks to them for the picture too.  So, in no particular order, the 7gb includes....

  • Emulator for backwards compatible games
  • Title updates and patches
  • Offline Music database - no need to be online to get hold of track names etc

So, there you go.  I'm still surprised that those things take up 7gb, and it's a shame that you can't remove the emulator etc and download when needed, as I don't actually own any none-360 games, but, there you go.  It doesn't affect me too much as I still have plenty of space on my disk, but to those short of space, that extra 30ish % capacity could come in handy.

Not a massive post, but, a useful bit of trivia nonetheless.

Read the full article over on IGN.

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  • Have to say that the Vista After Hours event was fantastic.

    Definitely feel that the demo based approach is the way forward for these kind of events, really allowed the audience to get a feel for the technology.

    Shame we didn't get to see the Shadowrun network match between yourself and James... :)

    The integration between Home Server and the associated hardware was a great demo, I am currently using the beta 2 and think that its the way forward for home users, of course there are some considerations to be made such as have the server internet facing with the dynamic dns but with adequate network security tools (wont mention 3rd party names :) ..) there should be no worries. After using SBS for awhile i find that alot of the features have been ported very well and have been given more user friendly aspects to them such as the RWW area.

    Once again thanks for your time and effort in putting together an informative and lively presenation..



    ... on afterthought i think i might have to get myself one of  the new Xbox Elite's when they arrive after watching the ShadowRun / Halo 3 demos...  :)

  • Hi Matt, great show you put on last night with James its a shame a couple of the demos didn't quite come together but it certainly gave an idea of whats possible and inspired me to try out a few more things with Vista - when pocket money allows (that, and a few more hours in the day!

    Well done and I look forward to your next "after hours" event.

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