Become a Demo God! Would you like to effectively demo Windows Vista to your customers?  Would you like to be as happy doing so as this lady in the picture?  OK, so you don't need to hold your screen above your head to give an effective demo, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to really get the most of a demo.

Have you heard of the Demo Readiness Toolkit?  I use an internal version of it all the time - it gives me the flexibility and freedom to show some really cool elements of Vista that I can't always show on my corporate version on my machine, such as Parental Controls and Group Policy for certain devices (not available on my domain-joined machine).  How can you get hold of a copy, and what can it do for you?

Well, you can't download a pre-canned version unfortunately, but what you can do, is follow these simple guidelines, and you too can be a demo god in no time!

1) Firstly, you're going to need Vista!
2) Secondly, it's important to have a look through this comprehensive Vista demo setup guide.
3) Thirdly, once you've installed Vista and had a look through the documentation, you need to populate your Vista installation with fictional content, sample documents, demo files, sample applications, and management shortcuts.  It's a zip file of 15.4mb in size.
4) Thirdly, pick a demo script to follow: Consumer or Business
5) Start Demo-ing like the budding demo god that you are!

If you need any more demos, you could start with these Internet Explorer 7 Demos and this Healthcare Prototype application.

Visit the Demo Readiness Toolkit homepage for further information.