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Windows Vista: After Hours...Live and Uncut...

Windows Vista: After Hours...Live and Uncut...

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I mentioned the other day about a couple of TechNet events that James and I are doing in a couple of weeks time, and I thought I'd spill the beans a little more on what we will be covering in the sessions.  Just a note before I continue - this stuff if purely aimed at the consumer market, so we won't be covering all the businessy-type bits, just the really cool stuff!

OK, first things first, there are 2 sessions, one on the 1st May and one on the 3rd May.  Just so you know, the details are:

01 May 2007 18:30 - 21:20 GMT
Welcome Time: 18:00
Leeds Showcase Cinema, Screen 220 (That's a big Cinema?), Gelderd Road Birstall Batley West Yorkshire, WF17 9RQ
Register Here

03 May 2007 18:30 - 21:20 GMT
Welcome Time: 18:00
Microsoft Ltd, Chicago 1&2, Building 3, Microsoft Campus Thames Valley Park Reading Berkshire RG6 1WG
Register Here

So, what is the flow of the event?  Well, obviously we start with the obligatory intro, but then it is straight into demo demo demo, which we know you love!  The first session is dedicated to what you can do with Vista 'Out of the Box', so, things like Search, but not for documents, I'm talking tagging, photo's, videos and so on, but not just across the client, oh no, across on to Windows Home Server, which we will be demoing, live, uncut, for your viewing pleasure.


From Home Server, we move gracefully on to Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and DVD Maker, closely followed by a helping of Backup and Restore Center, focusing on the Complete PC Backup side of things, where we will demo a live Complete PC Backup.  We'll cover abit on Security, but focusing on Parental Controls and the granularity that it present in this area.  We'll finish the first section with some info on Networking and the Windows Firewall.

We'll give you some time to recover with a quick break, before we hit the real cool session 2 is all about Vista: Extended....

We'll have a quick recap of session 1, before we hit you with 3 beauties straight off, namely cool gadgets, even cooler WPF and WPF/E applications (Now named Silverlight...), and because we want to treat you well, we'll be showing a couple of SideShow devices.  We then move on to my favourite area - the Media Center.  Add to that, the HD-DVD Drive, extending the experience onto the Xbox 360, and wrapping it all together with a it of Xbox Live vs Games For Windows - Live, and you have an enthralling demo (and a lot of kit to transport home!)


Sound fun?  Sound interesting?  Sound cool?

Register for 1st May @ Leeds Showcase
Register for 3rd May @ Microsoft Campus, Reading

  • Hi,

    I went to the After Hours in Leeds and i really really enjoyed it. Good presenting and showed off some of the really cool features. Also was very interesting to see the Games For Windows - Live parts.

    Nice Gamerscore by the way, My Gamertag is Seraphim2150

  • Hi Matt:

    Great event last night and the location was better than most.  Didn'r realise what Vista could do straight out of the box (new Vista user) and having the time to explore is a luxury.  This session has given me all the signposts I need to get results, and now that I have seen Windows Home Server I am definitely going to install the beta I have downloaded.  One question about WHS - I am sure I have seen that "the beta keys will expire shortly after the release of the final version" - does this mean that the beta will stop working, and that I'll have to go through the setup all over again?  Or will there be an easy path to get the (much reduced in price I hope) final version?


  • Hi guys!

    Thanks for the comments!

    @ Michael - I'm glad you enjoyed the Games For Windows - Live section - it really is going to be a cool platform for gaming across the 2 platforms.  Feel free to add me to your friends list and I'll give you a whooping on Halo 3 soon enough!  The Public beta of Halo 3 shouldn't be too far away...

    @ Paul - I don't have you email address, so hopefully you will read this!  I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm especially pleased that it has enticed you to investigate the technologies further.  With regards to WHS, I'm not totally sure - If we look at Vista, you could, for example, upgrade to RTM from RC1, but not, I believe, from the Beta's.  I suppose there is the potential to export settings etc from Beta 2 to the final release, but I'm not sure - let me investigate and I'll pop something on here.

    Cheers guys,


  • Matt ( & James )

    Good night last night ( 3rd May )

    Been looking on the reminder email for the on-line feed back  ( It's good to rate ) but I can't find it !

    If you could drop me the URL to

    you know you want to !!


    Phil ( the Gears of War winner ( without an Xbox 360 ) !!)

  • Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the comment - your feedback form should arrive via email in the next few days - don't worry!


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