I should have put this on my blog ages and ages ago, but didn't get round to it, so here it is!

This has been live for about 3 months now (so there should be loads of content on there, hence why I delayed the blog post... :-p) and is a great resource for all things training and events.  The site replaced the Training & Events Centre & UK Events site.

This new and improved Partner Learning Centre will vastly improve the partner experience by helping you find, review and track attendance on all training courses (both online & instructor led courses).  What else does it bring?

  • One Learning Platform consistent Worldwide for ALL Partner Readiness
  • Individual tracking of attendance of all training – (similar to Voyager)
  • Personalised Experienced based on MSPP Competency and Partner Status linked through Windows Live ID
  • New Basic, Saved & Advanced Search (including free text search & date range)
  • Ability to search 11 training formats (e.g. exams, books, seminars, on-line) & over 1000 WW resources

To access these belting resources, you need to make sure you associate your Windows Live ID with your Partner Profile.  Guidelines for doing this can be found here: