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Mikey P on Google...

Mikey P on Google...

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Now, for those of you who've met Mike Pallot, or maybe read his blog, you'll know one thing; he is quite a small bloke.  Only kidding Mike - he is incredibly passionate about the world of Enterprise Search.  From reading Mike's blog, I've noticed that he's been biting his lip a little around talking about the big G.  I mean Google, for those of you who's minds were wandering.

Well, he's spoken up, and I'd advise you to have a read - pretty interesting I'd say.  What Mike is trying to get at, with a post entitled "Time to stop the hype about Google?is around the help and support that we come to expect from companies that we purchase items, or services from, just doesn't seem to be there with Google.  Now, I don't know enough about the area to give a strong opinion, but from my point of view, Google lack a strong business model, they lack a clear direction - I hear about so many applications coming out of Google, that I just lose track; Google Earth, Google AdSense, Google Desktop and so on, many of which, as James points out, are in beta, and have seemingly been that way for some time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Google don't produce some good stuff - when I first used Picasa a couple of years back, I thought it was great, and I have a Gmail account, although it is rarely used now, but they did provide me with what I needed at the time.  However, as Mike goes on to say, if I needed help and support, would I be able to depend on Google to provide me with it?  I'm not so sure, and it looks as if Zdnet agrees - thanks James for the link.

Maybe Mike isn't the only one that is starting to notice that Google isn't always the best option.  Reading the Wall Street Journal, I noticed this headline "Comcast Signals Unhappiness With Google" - what have you done Mike! I'll let you read the article, but if Microsoft's Search Technologies can get in the door there, it would be a great feather in the cap.

  • Nice the find on Comcast not sure about the extreme heightism...quite witty for you :-) lol

  • Witty - Matt? :0)

    I use Google Analytics - their support exists, and shares of the problems of most support services - you get through to low-level support first, and work your way up.

    Was most impressed when I emailed live search support with a listing problem for my site, and had a response back just a few hours later.  Of course, I've never had to email google search...


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