Have you seen this?  DesignIT is a competition that we started last year, that aims to bring out the very best in the IT community, with the grand prize being a £15,000 donation from Microsoft, to Charity.

In a nutshell, the DesignIT competition is about you using your expertise in technology to help a charity.  You apply the creative and clever thinking, and for one UK charity, we'll make it happen.

Ok, so what do you have to do?  Well, here's the official blurb from the website:

"For all those IT professionals who dedicate their time to a charity, this competition is a great opportunity for you to help even more. We are asking you to send us a system design that will improve the IT infrastructure of a charity of your choice. If you don’t have a particular charity in mind, don’t worry as we have asked the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Leonard Cheshire and Global Action Plan to supply us with a number of problems that require a creative solution. You have to work to a budget of £15,000 and this must include all software and hardware. You can submit anything from a picture perfect Visio diagram to a sketch from a whiteboard and don’t worry, your system design can include more than just Microsoft technology."

Now that doesn't sound too hard does it?  You have to admit, if you love IT, there is no better cause than this one - You can do something you love, whilst potentially changing the lives of people out there who are less fortunate than you and I.

So, if you need a bit of inspiration, some of the example submissions can be found here.  These submissions include Mobile Document Sharing, Multimedia Distribution for Students with Autism, and an Office Manager.  No copying now! :-)

So, you've got the information, you've got some examples to start you off, and you have the knowledge that your effort could change someone's life.

Now, all you need to know is that the competition closes on the 23rd March, so get a wriggle on.

ENTER HERE and choose your problem.....

Finally, do you want to test your creativity?  Use the creativity calculator!

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