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Aero vs Ubuntu - check it out!

Aero vs Ubuntu - check it out!

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Just a quick post - this video was recently forwarded on to me, and after watching it, I do have to admit, this distribution of Linux does actually look pretty funky!  I'm not sure about the 'disappearing in a puff of smoke' windows, or the wobbly windows, but the use of the cube is pretty cool, although it's not always easy to see what is on all sides of the cube, unlike with Flip 3d in the Aero Interface, which I find makes it much easier to visualise your windows.


The thing with Vista is, for me, that it isn't just about Aero - I could talk about the value until I'm blue in the face, around finding and using information, securing your data, enhancing your mobile lifestyle and easing deployment, but, I'm not so sure about this distribution of Ubuntu.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a poor OS, not by a long way, I just don't know enough about it to comment fairly, although judging by comments on certain sites that I have read, Ubuntu looks great, but the learning curve is very steep.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Ubuntu, and Vista, but don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start some big Vista vs Linux debate - I just wanted to share my brief thoughts on another very visual OS.

The video does finish with the infamous Windows 95 blue screen, but we can just skip past that one :-)

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  • Funny. The videos of Vista are from my Vista screencasts :P

  • You'd have thought they'd have given you just a little credit :-(

  • Ubuntu is much better than Windows, and I completely disagree from your view- that It has a steep learning curve, I got some free CD's Shipped from Ubuntu (I started using it right from they had the version nicknamed Breezy) , read some ubuntu and basic linux GUI online.. and Voila!! I am an master in Ubuntu usage.. and now I prefer it to 100 incarnations of Windows ( I find it high resource guzzler and unstable system).

  • Hi Godwin,

    Thanks for the comment - I do appreciate your opinion, but I would disagree that Windows is a high resource guzzler and an unstable system - if you feel Windows is consuming resources, as I'm sure you are aware, you can turn off the services you don't use, and as for an unstable system, I would say that in it's current state, Windows XP, and also Windows Vista are both very stable operating systems, and given time, Vista really will set a new benchmark for stability.


  • I am a very experienced windows user who has just tried ubuntu... it does indeed have a very steep learning curve.  But the synaptic package manager seems to have everything you could need.  At this point I have spent some excess time learning how to do various things that vista does automatically.  I have had some issues with beryl (very unstable) and with other software on my moms old system.  

    Honestly it is idiotic to say it doesnt have a steep learning curve.  But i am actually enjoying it a bit.  It does feel like it requires less resources though i havent installed anything to really back that up.  And i am thinking about installing it on my new laptop to learn more on and try some eye candy.

  • Thanks for this - it's interesting to read your feedback from an experienced Windows' user's point of view.  Open Source software is making inroads, and becoming a lot more accessible to more people, hence the decision from Dell to ship some laptops with Linux.  It's always good to experiment and see how it behaves - for experienced IT users like yourself, support may not be an issue if you run into problems, as you can probably diagnose them yourself, however, for a non-IT savvy user, obtaining support on Ubuntu may prove difficult.



  • I agree, Vista is in reality a fantasitic system for the general public, I use Ubuntu/vista personally on my laptop and ubuntu servers for core services like antispam and firewall/gateway/proxy, although i can fix any issue with a little wiki/google, i really doubt that anyone with little to no t/s skills could.

    Vista is super stable, very smart in comparision to xp and no matter what anyone says, runs all the apps i ever wanted even if it wont you can just use virtual pc.. simple.

    Ubuntu is also stable, but there is no comparison to vista in general/ease of use unless you look at this eye candy, for general users and in my IT enviroment. ubuntu would make my job (it manager)much much harder, especially the backend services (no exchange etc)

    Vista will cater for 90% of the PC population, the other 8% will be dual booters like me and finally the last 1% will be the true *nix users.

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