As you know, Microsoft are in the process of releasing a cracking suite of products which fall under the umbrella of 'Expression Studio'.  Expression Web has already hit the market, with Expression Blend and Expression Design not too far behind (you can download beta versions here) and another product in the Expression Studio Suite, Expression Media, is also available on a trial.  I haven't used any of the products too much so far - I'm waiting for my new laptop to do a broad sweep of product installs, but fear not, I'll let you know how I get on with them - I've heard good things so far, mostly from James, especially around Expression Web, and they all work perfectly on Vista.  Woo Hoo!

Anyway, the point of the post - as James states, a chap by the name of Andrew Shorten has created a Microsoft blog, for and about our web and design technologies.  There are already some great resources on the Expression Studio, WPF, WPF/E and XBAP to name but a few - a worthwhile addition to your web designing arsenal! :-)

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