Literally, I am.  For those of you out there who witnessed some of the launch footage for Vista and Office 2007 at the end of January, you will no doubt have heard of an application that was built, right here on Her Majesty's shores, for the British Library - this application is known as 'Turning the Pages'.

Image: Open book

The first time I saw this application, I was incredibly impressed - it may not be something I would use every day, as I'm more of a magazine reader (Stop it.), but nonetheless, I couldn't help but be impressed with the way these books have been expressed, using WPF and WPF/E.  If you haven't seen this before, I'd definitely pop along to and have a play.  The thing that strikes me as being perhaps the most impressive, is that what you will see, is all running in the browser.  No big application download, just a quick WPF/E installation, via ActiveX, and you are away.  Turning the Pages (TTP) allows you to see original work, held in the British Library, that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see, or touch - with TTP however, you can zoom in, out, and shake it all about, whilst not damaging the book at all.  You can even see original pencil marks on some of the books.  Now that is cool!  There are also accessibility controls, to allow narration of some of the material, and you can even make your own notes.  What more could you possibly want! :-)

Watch this space for more and more cool applications hitting the web, all built on WPF.