Now a couple of months back, I was asked to attend, as a keynote speaker, a VXplore Roadshow event, being held in Jersey.  The event was aimed at bringing together a number of companies from various Virtualisation spaces, whether it be application virtualisation, storage virtualisation, server virtualisation and so on, and provide the attendees with a huge heads up on what is happening in the near future, and the not-so-near future, all around virtualisation.  VMWare, Datacore, VirtualIron, IBM and the other big players were present, along with myself from Microsoft.  Not only was it a great chance to see what is going on in different spaces within virtualisation, but it was also a great opportunity to network with various people in the industry, including the event organisers, VirtualizeIT.

The event really did go down a storm, so Julian, Lindsay, Steve and the team from VirtualizeIT are doing it again, this time, on a nationwide scale.  The VXplore roadshow is hitting the following locations:

  • London Southbank
  • Manchester
  • Dublin
  • Isle of Man

The estimated delivery date is around March time, 2007, but these dates are subject to change.  If you can attend, I really would suggest going along, as not only will you meet and network with a great bunch of people, all of whom are incredibly passionate about virtualisation and what it can do for your business, but you really will learn a great deal about areas of virtualisation you may not even know existed.  It really is an eye-opening experience and Julian and the guys put on a great show.

Check out the website for more information.

Make sure you get in touch with the guys if you have any questions, and reserve your place - you won't regret it.