How, as a Microsoft Partner, can you ensure that you make the most of our biggest ever launch in the history of big launches in the world ever?

Well, I've got 5 steps to ensure that you do ride the wave and don't fall off!

Run your business on EVO

Have you heard of the Action Pack?  Well, if you subscribe to Action Pack, you'll receive the January EVO launch update, including software for your internal use.  Gold and Certified Partners will receive EVO in their monthly box.  Great!

You can find out more information here.

Get skilled

Take the path of learning....see what core and optional training is available to you here

Increase your EVO opportunities

Have you used our Solution Profiler?  You can promote your EVO solution or services using the Solution Profiler, and thus receive sales opportunities from prospective customers.

Find out more, here.

Get key sales information on your desktop

The Gear-Up Microsoft Sales Toolkit is an excellent one-stop shop for all things SKU, product features and key sales messages.  The current release also comes in a bright pink colour.  What more could you want?  There is also a rumour that a Vista Gear-Up sidebar gadget is in the works....

Check out the Sales Toolkit!

Create demand for EVO

Want marketing materials? Why not use our tools to create demand for the EVO launch!  Produce marketing materials and download them, or have them printed and fulfilled...!

You'd be mad to miss out...

If you needed any further information around EVO and the partner program, the following may be of use to you: