One of the common concerns that is discussed when I chat to our partners and customers, is how the migration over to Vista will affect my current setup.  Will it affect my current applications, data and workflows?  Will I have compatibility issues?  How can I manage this migration whilst reducing the impact on my business?

Well, one of our partners, Camwood, have the answer...

As the image states, 80% of applications will work on Vista, but it's the other 20% that may cause problems for users, and businesses.  Now Vista does account for some of these applications, by offering Application Compatibility settings, and, also Virtual PC 2007, both of which can alleviate some of the concerns around migration.  We also have the Application Compatibility Toolkit.

However, Camwood, in collaboration with SQS-UK, are offering a unique solution to this potential problem - The Windows Vista Compatibility And Testing Plan (Windows Vista CAT Plan).

You can read more about the CAT plan here.

So, what's this about Vista migration over breakfast?  Well, Camwood and SQS-UK are offering a series of free breakfast briefings to explore the potential challenges of migrating a business over to Windows Vista. The briefings will answer the key questions companies face in minimising the risk, cost and time involved in migration, including how to swiftly identify at risk applications and how to develop a clear, structured and prioritised migration test strategy.

The sessions run for 2 hours, from 8am until 10am, and provide you with a great opportunity to find out more information - you can read the full agenda here.  There will also be a representative from Microsoft on hand to answer your questions in the Q&A session.

Interested?  well, the guys are running not one, but 2 sessions:

The first, for all you Southerners, is being held in London, at the Great Eastern Hotel, on the 28th November.  You can register for this event here.

The second, for all you Northerners, is being held at Exchange Quay, in Manchester, on the 29th November.  You can register for this event here.

Register now to avoid disappointment!