Just over a week ago, I spent a good 39 minutes sprucing up my blog, with a nice new headline image, a new background colour, and I even had to re-align some of the text, but those geezers over at the Windows Vista Team Blog have only gone and made their site look even better than mine!

They've gone the whole del-monte too - own domain, probably a new server, and they've implemented a glass style look to the site - I'm not jealous.  ;-)

No, in all honesty, the blog was good before, but looks great now - it did need modernising abit, and, as long as the useful and informative content keeps coming, I'm sure the blog will go from strength to strength.  One cool thing I find is, that Jim Alchin, Windows Top-Dog and all-round good-egg, takes the time to post on there.  One day, hopefully Jim will find my blog and say hello!

Long Zheng has a good view on the new look - Vista's going to the dark side... ;-)

If I had to be picky on the new blog, I would have moved the 'Windows Vista News' title a few pixels to the right...but that's just me ;-)


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