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Yesterday: It's Coming. Today: It's Here!!!

Yesterday: It's Coming. Today: It's Here!!!

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That's right, Internet Explorer 7 was coming quicker than I thought!  It's available now for download!

Unfortunately at present, the download is only available in English, but other languages will be available soon.  As I mentioned a few days ago, we will begin distributing Internet Explorer 7 as a high-priority update via Automatic Updates in November.  In addition, Internet Explorer 7 (with protected mode capability) will ship in Windows Vista in 35 languages.  Cool!

I'm sure you are aware, IE7 incorporates major advances like a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing, printing enhancements, RSS feeds, instant search capabilities, improved security, and much more.   We will also offer free customer support for consumers.

What are you waiting for?

If you need even more reason to download, listen to the experts....

“IE7 is a monumental improvement over IE6 in both security and functionality. [It] is a solid, feature-packed browser that all IE users should flock to immediately.” - Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro

“I’ve spent the past few days looking at this build of IE7 and can recommend it enthusiastically.” - Ed Bott,

You can also read a full review, by David Pogue of the NY Times, over here.  You will need to register, but this is something I would recommend anyway!  You could also download the awesome NY Times Reader, for XP and Vista.

Action: Download Internet Explorer 7


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  • Here, I'll save you the trouble of clicking on Pogue's review:

    “If you’ve never used anything but Internet Explorer, you won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face. <b>But next to rivals like Firefox, Opera and Safari, IE 7 is a catch-up and patch-up job. Some of its ‘new’ features have been available in rival browsers for years.<b>”

    (Emphasis mine.)

  • Being an RSS subscriber to David's feed, and having read the article, I feel that the quote you provide above (building on the contextotomy that was initally in this post) does sum up the review very well.  In my opinion, being honest, I completly agree with what David says.  I am an IE user.  I have been for most of my 'browsing' life, however, I have dabbled with other browsers, mainly for compatibility for websites in my University days, but, one I did spend abit more time with was FireFox, and if I were to compare IE6 with FireFox, in my opinion, I would have held my hands up and said that FireFox had a hell of a lot of useful features that IE6 didnt, it was quicker, yet, on the downside, because there were so many users of IE, many of the websites out there were written solely for IE, and this was one of the reasons I went back to IE.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this view.

    I'm sure there are lots of Microsoft employees out there who would hold their hands up and say, we need to improve the browser more quickly, I mean, IE7 was a long time coming.  And fine, I agree, some of the features that are now new to IE have been in Opera, and FireFox for some time, but, putting that aside, like David says, Internet Explorer 7 represents a big, long-awaited step in the direction of modernization - we really have ramped up the security, the integration with Web Standards, and we are now including cool add-ons and much more.  I find IE7 a massive step up from IE6, and at least on a par with FireFox.  I love the amount of screen space I now have, I love the RSS integration and the way it sync's with Outlook, and I love the added security, especially the Protected Mode in Vista IE7.  I'll admit, I haven't used the new FireFox 2, but in terms of features, I'd say they are not far off equal.  We want users to have a choice of browser - sure, IE7 will be the default browser in Vista, but, the fact that we are working with the guys from Mozilla, to ensure interoperability, shows that we want people to have a choice.  If they don't want to use IE, use another, as they will work fine.

    Everyone knows that IE needed to improve, and, as David says, with IE7, it has, and lets hope that the improvement continues, much quicker than it has previously.

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