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Running Virtual Server on Vista

Running Virtual Server on Vista

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Here at Microsoft, there are regular questions flying around about the settings needed to run Virtual Server on Vista.  Many people think they have set it up correctly, only to be presented with problems such as not being able to load the admin page etc.  Well, here is the definitive guide, and it comes in the form of an image, and textual information.  A huge thanks to Jeff Woolsey for producing this information.

So, if you’re trying to run Virtual Server on Vista, you need to do two things.

Step 1 - Enable IIS and the correct settings. To do this, go to Control Panel and under the Programs category click on Windows Features to Turn Windows features on and off. Here you will see a long list of features that can be enabled/disabled in Vista. For this discussion were specifically interested in enabling features under Internet Information Services (IIS). I’ve typed out what needs to be enabled below and included a screenshot which you can maximise by clicking the image.

Step 2 - Run IE using elevated privileges. To do this, right click on IE and select Run as Administrator.

You must do both.

For those of you who don't want to look at the screenshot, here are the details:

IIS Features that need to be enabled for Virtual Server to function properly

1. Under Web Management Tools enable IIS Management Console.
2. Under IIS 6 Management Compatibility enable IIS Metabase and IIS6 configuration compatibility.
3. Under Application Development Features enable CGI.
4. Under Common Http Features enable Default Document, Directory Browsing, HTTP Errors, Static Content
5. Under Health and Diagnostics enable HTTP Logging, Request Monitor
6. Under Performance Features enable Static Content Compression
7. Under Security enable Windows Authentication


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  • I am curious, what is the scenario that requires VS on Vista?

  • Hey Tony,

    There is no scenario that requires VS on Vista as such, rather the scenarios for running VS on a client machine are really for non-production use, but essentially, you can still get many of the benefits found here:, especially the software testing and development environment.  Essentially, you could use Virtual PC, but Virtual Server gives you that bit more functionality.

  • Tony,

    One scenario that requires VS on Vista is software development. I often need to move between client sites that have totally different dev env requirements. I do my development on VMs but want to upgrade my host machine.

  • I use VS on Vista for MCP exam simulations, learning about new features in MS Server products, testing scenarios, etc.

    It is an invalueable part of my lab.

  • Mea... This may be a little off-topic. I use Virtual Server and Virtual PC a lot for things like testing

  • Mea... This may be a little off-topic. I use Virtual Server and Virtual PC a lot for things like testing

  • Hi

    I have followed all of the above including the steps in the link but am still getting

    LsaLogonUser() failed! There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request

    Any ideas what this means and how to over come it?

    Much appreciated


  • Hi Simon,

    At what point are you receiving the error?  Is it when you try and access the Virtual Server administration page?  i.e. http://<yourservername>:1024?

    If so, it could be something to do with permissions, but i'd need a little more information first.

    Have you tried adding the http://<yourservername>:1024 page to your trusted sites in Vista?

    This may help: and this:



  • Can you run virtual Server on Vista Home Premium?

  • I'm just about to start testing this, so bear with me and I'll blog it when I'm done.


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