Are you ready for Microsoft's biggest launch ever?  The combined launch of Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system and Exchange Server 2007 is the biggest single investment Microsoft has ever made. It's also the biggest business opportunity we've ever provided our partners.

So what is the opportunity?  Well, according to an IDC white paper, entitled 'The Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Vista', the launch of EVO will create a massive spike in partner revenues.  You want more clarity?  The IDC predict the partner services opportunity to be around €47billion Euros.  Interested now?

Why will it produce this massive spike?  Well, essentially because more people are upgrading sooner and not waiting for the service packs.  But is this all?  No way!  You can also expect additional revenues as customers upgrade or replace their PCs and laptops to take advantage of Windows Vista. The 2007 Microsoft Office System will sell on the back of its improved productivity and easy deployment – and partner revenues for Exchange Server 2007 are expected to approach £100 million in the UK.

So, you are interested right?  But you are unsure about how we, as a company are going to deliver this to you?  Well, it is something we have entitled "Microsoft EVO Roadshow - The Partner Opportunity", and the clue is in the's a roadshow.  (deep voice) We are coming, to a cinema near you....

That's right, we, as a team, are touring the country, reaching out to as many partners as possible, in the following venues...

  • 25th October - ICC, Birmingham
  • 6th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 8th November - UBC, Manchester
  • 9th November - Watershed Theatre, Bristol
  • 10th November - Cavendish Centre, London
  • 16th November - Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 21st November - Showcase Cinema, Leeds
  • 16th January - UBC, Manchester

So move over James Bond, the PTS Team are coming, with a licence to thrill - but, why should you attend?  To learn about the following of course:

  • How to get ready for the launch and exploit Microsoft’s largest ever technology release
  • Solution selling scenarios and demos for EVO and the people-ready business
  • How the EVO technology stack represents a platform for partners to increase hardware and services opportunities
  • How to answer tricky questions from customers and identify early business opportunities

But, you should attend if you want to:

  • Understand how EVO solutions can solve real business problems. This 90 minute session will focus largely on demos which you will be able to take away with you at the end of the session.
  • This session provides the starting point for a wider activity of partner readiness which involves a number of readiness paths which you can preview at the Partner EVO Microsite.
  • Understand how to position the different products and SKUs appropriately for your customers

But how will the content be delivered?  Well, as James states over on his blog, we are trying to move away from run-of-the-mill demonstrations and presentations - these products are cool, they do incredible things, and we are going to blow you away with what they can do, but it isn't just going to be a mish-mash of the best features, oh no, we are going to be telling you a story where the benefits of Exchange, Vista and Office are woven into a real business scenario.  This is the most effective way to understand how, when combined together, these products interact in a way so powerful that the compelling business message is plain to see.

Right, listen up...Actions:

I'm off to practice saying 'The name's McSpirit....Matt McSpirit'....

Hope to see you at the events....