iexbetaI saw this post over at David Overton's blog, which provided a link to the Vista RC1 Software Compatibility List, however, after following the link, I found that there was in fact a Vista RC2 Software Compatibility List, so, for your viewing pleasure, here it is!

Windows Vista RC 2 Software Compatibility List

The site splits software into 3 categories, Software which works, Software that 'has problems, but can be solved' and finally, Software that has 'heavy problems, and is currently incompatible'.  Being a Wiki site, it's very easy to navigate around and provides a wealth of information.  Each of those 3 categories is sub-divided into a number of categories, each relating to a different classification of software, for example, Anti-virus, VPN Clients, Backup and so on.

The site also mentions, and this is something I had noticed recently, that many Java applications cause Aero Glass to be disabled, yet this is only temporary and the effects are restored when the program is closed.  This issue has been fixed in the latest builds of Java 6 which can be obtained here.

Obviously, with RC2 just being released, this list isn't as comprehensive as the one say, for RC1, found here, but, as more and more people find out about it, and add their information to the Wiki, the better it will become!

Finally, for those of you thinking of purchasing hardware, they also provide a Windows Vista RC2 Hardware Compatibility List, categorised in the same manner as the Software Compatibility List.