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Blinkx and you'll miss it!

Blinkx and you'll miss it!

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Now, you may (or may not!) have heard about a certain $1.65billion deal uniting a certain search company (OK, among other things...) and a certain video site, but, that isn't the only video related deal that has taken place over the last few days.

"On Monday, Blinkx will announce potentially one of its biggest deals to date, with Microsoft Corp., which has agreed to use Blinkx technology to power the video search on some parts of its MSN Internet sites and

"We will be the single biggest video search engine on the Web ," Suranga Chandratillake, Blinkx co-founder and chief technology officer, said in an interview."

You may not have heard of blinkx before, but essentially, rather than looking for a video to make you laugh, blinkx allows you to do something useful - find a movie that you actually want to find!  OK OK, I'm not having a pop at YouTube, because to be fair, it's grown incredibly in popularity, and there is some great content on there, if you are prepared to search for it.  Searching for it is the key here, and that is what blinkx does really well.

I mean, for instance, check this feature out.  Go to the homepage, and enter some search text in the box, and click "Wall it".  That presents me with a video wall of movies relating to that search keyword, and it also gives me a link to embed in my webpage, the result of which is, by using Bill Gates as the keyword....


Pretty cool hey!  I can mouse over each little window (the number of which is defined by me when I embed the link) and it gives me more information, and I can click on the mini-window and watch the video!  Cool!

So, what else is different about blinkx when compared to YouTube? Well, blinkx already powers video search on sites ranging from AOL to ITN, Lycos and Times Online. It also indexes video from the likes of BCC, Fox, MTV, Sky News, Reuters and YouTube and makes and makes videos on those sites searchable on blinkx or partner sites.  The really cool way that blinkx differs is by the fact that searching for video content is no longer limited to search for the title of the video, or any tags that have been defined.  blinkx pushes the boundaries to allow audio and image search tools.

According to this article, over at eWeek, "The San Francisco-based company uses voice recognition, image and contextual analysis, which helps computers calculate whether an image may be a human face, a nature setting or some other scene.  "When a computer looks at a piece of video , for the most part, it has no idea what is going on," Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff said.  Using Blinkx, a consumer can search for videos based on keywords or phrases. The results reflect not just a search of titles or text information attached to the video but also uses speech recognition to find matching words in audio tracks"

Hmm - this could be pretty cool as a Vista sidebar gadget, do you think?  A gadget that showed a couple of the day's news videos, that is always up to date...Could be very useful!

If anyone is up for the challenge, I'd love to hear from you!


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