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We Listen!! Mute the Vista Start-Up Sound!

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See - your feedback does work!

Over the last few weeks, it's been flying round the web that we were going to include a default sound that would play when you boot up Windows.  Many of you out there wanted at least an ability to turn it off if you wanted to.  Well, it's in there.  As Nick says over on the Windows Vista Team Blog, "your collective voice truly made a difference in this matter, as we've incorporated a way for users to turn off the start-up sound when it's more appropriate to boot silently - be it when you're mobile, at home or in the office".

Have a glance at the screenshot below - I kid you not! :-)

  • um this is on a slightly different note but i dont know where to go and ask the question.
    With WMP11, i cant get my laptop screen to go blank while it is open. i assume this is something to do with WMP.
    so basicaly is there going to be something in Vista which will let me make my laptop screen go blank no matter what programme is running.
    It would have been as simple as turning the monitor off; if i had an off button.
    anyway, there we go.

  • This is it. We are getting there.
    Month after month, day after day, feedback after feedback, bug...

  • Essentially, do you mean that your screen will not go into standby when WMP11 is open and playing music?
    Well, I've had a play around, and I tried to adjust the power options of my power plan to turn the screen off after 1 minute, but you are right, when Media Player 11 is playing, either full screen or in the taskbar, the screen won't go off.  It does kick in if Media Player is not open.
    With regards to a 'switch monitor off' feature, Seeing as Vista is feature complete now, if it isn't in there already there, hidden somewhere, I don't think it will be.  I'll follow up with the relevant product teams and get an answer for you.

  • Wow.. that definitly looks like one of those features that should have been implemented back in 3.11!!

  • I agree Dani, however, prior to Vista, this I don't believe this feature applied - the logon sound only played when you'd actually open Windows. Currently for my machine, I have one logon sound that plays prior to entering my logon credentials, and one after, but it doesn't bother me too much.  Its good news that you can now remove it, for those who expressed a dislike for it!

  • For WMP, go to Tools | Options (or Library | More Options...) | Player tab
    Check the checkbox next to "Allow screen saver during playback".

  • Excellent - thanks n4cer!

  • I cant get the sound to work on my Vista Laptop and I just got a hard drive put in it I dont know what to do Im only 16

  • Hi,

    Is there an Audio Driver installed?  If you go to Start, type Device Manager, click Device Manager when the results appear.  Have a look in the list of devices - is there any devices with a small yellow triangle?  This would indicate that your Audio device isn't working and doesn't have a driver.  Let me know how you get on and we can try and fix it.


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