Are you a Microsoft Partner, and if so, would you like to be kept in the know as to what our plans are for the next year?  I thought so.

Well, the Virtual Partner Conference is a new concept that we've developed as a way to provide you, our partners, with the latest information on our plans in each business area.  It is their chance to hear about the UK market perspective, our FY07 business plans, the opportunities that exist, and much more.  We have a broad range of video presentations given by execs and managers from around the business, as well as external speakers. The conference is delivered in an interactive online format - giving you the opportunity to watch as much as you like!

The Virtual Partner Conference goes live on 26th September, and will then be updated quarterly to ensure that you always have the latest information on our plans!  Cool hey!

What are some of the things you can expect?

  • Hear David James (Henley Management College) and Nigel Montgomery (AMR Research) talking about the UK market trends, the opportunity areas and how you can align your business to take full advantage.
  • Listen to our plans for the coming the areas you're interested in. We have video sessions with key speakers discussing our plans in each business area and what the opportunity is for you.
  • Hear our plans for Vista and Office straight from the product managers themselves - along with demos of the new software to get you clued up.
  • Get the latest information on the Partner Programme and find out how you can make the most of being a Microsoft Partner.

One of the highlights, and I'm not trying to blow our own trumpets here (!), is the video that James and I made, entitled 'Vista in 10', which gives a whistle-stop tour of the business value of Vista.  Added bonus - you get to hear the delightful tones of my northern accent, along with the joyful sounds of James 'Queen's English' Senior ;-)  Joking aside, the content is pretty good, and if you just want a quick 10 minutes on what's cool in Vista, for businesses of every size, check it out.  I will no doubt get a copy on this blog anyway, for non-partners to indulge in.  The exact description for the video is:

"James and Matt take you on a 10 minute journey through the key business scenarios addressed by Windows Vista, including Finding and Using Information, Enabling a Mobile Workforce, Improving Security and Compliance, and Optimising your Desktop Infrastructure."

If you are not a Microsoft partner, there are a number of benefits to becoming one.  For further information about any subject covered on the Partner site, please call the AskPartner Hotline on 0870 60 70 700 or email

Go-do: Visit from the 26th September to start building your own conference!