With billions of dollars of R&D coming to market this year in the shape of Exchange, Vista and Office we have a major focus on helping our UK partners get ready for "EVO" wave. This is a big team effort from the UK partner team and you will see lots of activity over the coming months both online and with regional events. Two points to highlight are:

Exchange Ignite Training

This training will be 2 day classroom course. The 2 days will be primarily hands-on-lab oriented technical drill-downs into Exchange Server 2007 and the new Office System 2007. The training is intended to provide early technical information on this exciting new version of Exchange Server and the new Office System. The course provides details on the architecture, installation, and configuration of Exchange Server 2007. Additionally, the course provides information on security, compliance, archiving and remote client access as well as the better together story with the new Office System 2007. This costs £200 + VAT for Gold, Certified and SBSC Partners & £300 + VAT for Registered Partners. Get registered soon as we expect high demand. The link above provides more detail if you need it.

Windows Vista for Developers Course

Vista is going to be an awesome platform for developing applications on. If you haven't seen it, check out the BBC demo from Mix.06 to see a glimpse of what is possible. You can learn much more from this course though which is a two-day course with Hands-On Labs will take you through the process of building on the Windows Vista platform. The course will focus on growing service opportunities and new features of the Windows Vista operating system. Again, more details on the link above but lightweight coders like myself need not apply - this is the real deal :) The part subsidized costs for this course are £200 + VAT for Gold, Certified and SBSC Partners & £300 + VAT for Registered Partners.

This is the first in a wave of readiness activities you will see from our team both online and offline.  Watch this space!

Cheers to Steve for this information.