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The Ultimate Keyboard??

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Now this is cool.  Off topic, but cool.  Have you seen this keyboard?  Now to be honest, my keyboard at home must have cost me about £5 (approx $9), so as you can imagine, I was purely interested in something that worked, however, seeing this beauty, my feelings towards just choosing 'something that worked' is about to change. Check this video out, below, courtesy of YouTube.

This keyboard, made me sit up and think, cool.  One problem I always associate with having a wireless keyboard, is changing the battery.  This keyboard is rechargeable.  Another problem; going too far away from the wireless receiver.  How does 30 feet fit with you?  I wouldn't be able to see my monitor from 30 feet away!  And we've all been in a situation where we need to see the keyboard in the dark...ok...maybe just me, but, this keyboard is not only backlit, but is ambiently (Not sure that is a word!) backlit, meaning it is smart enough to know the level of lighting in the room, and will adjust accordingly.  It even knows when you have left the room!  Coolio!

Icing on the cake?  It comes in a sexy metal finish, and, as with all things cool, its designed to work with Windows Vista.  You can't get much better than that.  James has unwillingly agreed to buy me one for Christmas.  Cheers James :)

Action - Watch the flash video, in all its full size glory!


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