Build 5536, also known as Vista pre-RC1 has leapt onto the Internet, ready for the public to download and enjoy.  For about a week now, a closed number of testers have been able to download and test the new operating system, and the feedback is already looking pretty good.

For those of you who are running Vista Beta 2, from a month or so back, now is the ideal time to jump on board with this release - I promise you, you will notice the difference, especially around speed and reliability.  I admit, it still isn't perfect, but it's getting better, quickly.  You'll have to be quick though, the program will be closed when it reaches 100,000 downloads.

Get along to the download site to start downloading straight away!  you can download it in two ways:

  • You can use the Akamai Download Manager, which lets you pause, resume, and stop the download of the file. It will also automatically restart the download if the process is temporarily interrupted. Due to the size of the download we strongly recommend you use the Akamai Download Manager.
  • Or, you can risk it in one big go, by downloading the normal way, using the browser.

Bear in mind, that you can only download the 32-bit version for now, and it comes in ISO format, so your DVD-Burning skills will need to be up to scratch to take advantage of your huge download!

In an article over at TechWeb; "Our goal in offering this build publicly is to help identify and track issues before RC1 is designated for release," wrote Nick White, a Vista product manager, on the group's blog. "Despite being so close to the actual release date of RC1, the download, installation and usage feedback you send us on this build is still extremely important, otherwise, we'd not be spending resources on this interim build."

Makes sense really!

If you can't wait for the full RC1, then get over to the download site and get yourself in the RC1 action!