Just hours after a posted a huge post summarising all things Zune, there has been a big announcement about the manufacturer of the device.

Over on the BBC's website, it states that "Microsoft has confirmed that Japanese firm Toshiba will make its portable media player - "Zune" - to be released before the end of the year.  Toshiba's filing with the Federal Communications Commission showed the Zune will have a 30-gigabyte hard-disk drive and wireless connection", confirming what was stated in my previous post.  Toshiba has used Microsoft's software in its products for a long time now, dating back to its first laptop in 1985. The company has also made portable media players and handheld computers using the slimmed-down Windows CE operating system.

There is even more information available over at CNet News, which states that "Microsoft's forthcoming Zune player is shooting to be the life of the party, allowing users to create mobile social networks and stream music to nearby friends or strangers, according to a government regulatory filing".

The articles goes on to say that Zune owners can act as their own DJ, sending streaming music content to up to four other devices and with the device's wireless networking abilities turned on, people can send and receive photos, as well as "promotional copies of songs, albums and playlists.

"As regards the DJ feature, people have the option of turning the feature on or off, as well as of choosing whether to stream to any nearby Zune user or only to people on their friends list. If the DJ setting is on, people don't need to do anything else to allow others to listen to their music. The music sent is the same as what the DJ is listening to; if they stop listening, the stream is interrupted"

The article also goes on to mention the draft user manual, which details that the device supports both the 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards. and comes with a 30GB hard drive, a 3-inch screen and an FM tuner, along with a USB 2.0 connection to synchronize with a PC.

"Sync your music, movies and pictures," reads one page from the manual.

You can find even more information over at Engadget, which includes a number of pictures of the internals of the Zune device.  Sweet!