Steve Clayton, a.k.a The Gaffer, has found a really useful resource for IT Professionals who are interested in deploying or migrating to Windows Vista.  According to the site:

These guides will also provide step-by-step information on how to control device installation using Device Management and Installation (DMI) and manage ADMX files. There are also step-by-step guides to help you protect data using BitLocker Drive Encryption, to administer the TPM Security Hardware in a computer using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Services, and to help deploy better-managed desktops and mitigate the impact of malware using User Account Control (UAC).

They are all available to open/download as Word documents and you can get them from this Microsoft Website.  However, because I'm such a kind fella, I've placed all the links to the individual documents here.  I hope you find them useful.