Microsoft has released the third and final beta of Internet Explorer as it moves closer to the final delivery at the end of 2006.  There has been alot of talk around IE7 with regards to security, and Microsoft really as put a great deal of focus on this area with this release.  The IE 7 beta 3 makes some feature changes from the beta 2. The new version also provides reliability, compatibility and security fixes - more than 1,000 bugs have been dealt with in total.

Within IE7, there is much more of a streamlined interface, maximising the viewable area of the screen.  Tabbed browsing and improved printing functionality is also present, along with great search and RSS feed features.  The final key area, and this is something I touched upon earlier, is the number improved security features.  The robust IE architecture and improved security features help protect against malicious software and help to keep your personal data safe from fraudulent websites and online phishing scams.

You can download the new IE 7 Beta 3, take a tour here, or find out what's new here!