In this installment of PTS-TV, our very own Mark Deakin, along with his glamorous assistant, Andy Clark, takes us through some of the features and characteristics of the new Exchange Server 2007.

Mark discusses release schedules, some of the big differences between the current version of Exchange Server, and Exchange Server 2007 with one of the major differences being that Exchange Server 2007 will run solely on 64-bit hardware.  Mark also discusses some of the benefits of Exchange Server 2007, including the 'biggest inbox anyone could ever hope for' and MONAD, which enables IT administrators to execute command-line commands on the Exchange Server.

There is also some interesting information with regards to Unified Messaging, and what this means in terms of inboxes, voicemails, faxes and more....

You can stream the video, or download it to view it later (right click, save-as).  You can find out more information on Unified Communications at Mark's Blog.