Ok, Ok maybe not a movie, but definitely worth a watch all the same.  Now I know that this news is quite old, in fact, about a month now, but it is something I have recently re-visited and thought it would be an ideal time to get a post online about it.

Back in May, Bill Gates stood up at WinHEC, and delivered a keynote speech on “Advancing the Platform”.  Within that keynote, Bill was joined on stage by Jeff Woolsey, who demonstrated some of the features found in our next generation hypervisor based virtualisation.  Some of these key features that were demonstrated included the new MMC 3.0 User Interface.  Gone has the web interface found in Virtual Server, and instead, Windows Server Virtualisation takes advantage of the new MMC 3.0 capabilities to provide an elegant Windows Server experience.  32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) virtual machines were also demonstrated, and we publicly disclosed that virtual machines will support more than 32GB of memory per virtual machine!  Cool!

We also demonstrated 4-way virtual machines, and publicly stated that Windows Server Virtualisation will provide up to 8-way virtual machines.  One of the parts of the demonstration that I found most interesting was the hot-adding of both memory, and a network adaptor.  When adding the network adaptor, we showed a dual-processor x64 virtual machine running Windows Server 2003 that had no network adapters and we hot-added a NIC while the VM was running. The NIC appeared almost instantly.  As for the memory, we showed a quad-processor x64 virtual machine running Longhorn Server with 4 GBs of memory and we hot-added an additional 1 GB of memory taking the virtual machine to 5 GB of memory while the VM was running. The memory appeared instantly in Task Manager.

If you get the chance, I would strongly recommend either watching the keynote, watching the highlights, or viewing the PowerPoint presentation.