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Who am I and why am I here?


Who am I and why am I here?


In June 2005, I graduated from the University of Manchester - Institute of Science and Technlogy (UMIST) with a First Class Computing Science (Hons) degree and a month later, I was offered a job at Microsoft.  I had 6 months to wait until my start date - it could not go fast enough!

So, I've worked at Microsoft since the 4th January 2006, and since then, I've had some of the best experiences in my life.  I've visited some great cities, met some incredibly talented people, including the ones I work with every day in my team.  I'm a Partner Technology Specialist, which means I work with Microsoft Partners, up and down the UK, around our Windows Server and Virtualisation technologies.  I'll be honest, the majority of my time is spent talking about the (ever-increasing!) stack of Virtualisation technologies, ranging from Server and Desktop, through to Presentation and Application Virtualisation.

So, the point of this blog?  Well, I'd like to think it provides Microsoft Partners, among others, with a bit of useful information, here and there, around Microsoft Virtualisation, plus, some stuff on surrounding technologies and day to day Microsoft tid-bits.  If you like it, subscribe!  If not, let me know!  I hope you find it interesting, and not too geeky ;-)

At the end of the day though, everyone loves a geek! :-)