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August, 2013

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  • VMware or Microsoft? Moving Live Virtual Machines, Same But Different

    In the series of VMware or Microsoft I take a look at the ability to migrate running Virtual Machines in Virtual environments.  VMware has been very solid with this technology for years, and Windows Server has grown in leaps and bounds in regards to live migration.  I think the article may surprise you.  Enjoy!  image

  • Houston Here I Come

    I have the pleasure of presenting on Windows Azure IAAS next week in Houston! On September 5th, YOU are welcome to join me for FREE, as long as seats last! (Oh, and you have to cover your travel costs) This event will be held at the Microsoft Houston...
  • VMware or Microsoft? Get the “Scoop” on Hyper-V during VMworld

    Welcome to today’s post in the series and we are taking a brief break in the technical comparison, just for today!  We wanted to make sure anyone attending VMworld had a chance to meet our good friend Varun, talk virtualization with Hyper-V and get...
  • Slides and Resources

    Welcome to my blog post with slides and resources. This post will be updated fairly regularly with content I am delivering. All the links will take you a location on my SkyDrive with the appropriate data. Enjoy. Enterprise Device Infrastructure IT...
  • VMware or Microsoft? Let’s Talk Certifications!

    In this post of VMware vs. Hyper-V I talk about certifications.  I talk about my recent acquisition of my VCP 5 DCV certification and talk about my share my thoughts about the process.  I also talk about how the certifications compare.    So enjoy the post and you can learn more.  image

  • Save the Date October 18th! Release for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server R2

    Wow Big Announcements all around today.  The first one I saw was that we are announcing on October 18th the release of the “R2 Wave”": Windows Server 2012 R2 System Center 2012 R2 Windows Intune The evaluations will be available through the...
  • Book of the Month August 2013: Ready Player One

    rpoAfter a much too long hiatus, I have decided to restart my book of the month club postings!  I just recently read Ready Player One, and it really inspired me to restart these book of the month posts!  It was also a great read and had me tracking down one of D & D modules from my childhood.  So Enjoy this post today and have a great day!