nfl-logo Wow, almost miss this post before the season starts tonight!  So last year I did better and I got 2 out my 5 right you can take a look here:

Matt Gets Better: Recap 5 bold NFL Predictions 2009

So with the reason right around the corner, I will try to do better!  So here are my 5 predictions!

  1. San Francisco 49ers will make the playoffs.  When you look just at the division they are in, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams.  I really think this is their year, while I do not know how they will do in the playoffs, I know the will be in.  They area solid team overall, and the only question mark is Alex Smith which makes me worry about this prediction.
  2. Green Bay Packers will be in the Super Bowl.  They have it all, talent, depth, and more importantly experience.  Aarons Rodgers, just seems to get better every year, and the defense is solid, and look for them not to do a whole lot.  With the offense going to score lots of points, and I mean lots of points.  They will beat the Saints in the NFC title game, to make it to the Super Bowl, but lose to prediction #5
  3. No Lockout for 2011,   This is simple in my mind, there is two much on both sides of the equation to have another lockout,  Both sides will get this figured out before the end of the season or shortly after the season ends.  Not one of my typical predictions, but it is bold.
  4. Jets will make AFC Title Game: I really like this team, or maybe it is the HBO in the hotel and hard knocks that has me all excited.  I like this team, and with Revis just resigning, I think they are going to be great on defense.  I also think Sanchez will be good going into his 2nd year, although this bucks the trend for the sophomore slump.  Why I like that, the Jets are a running team, with Greene, McKnight and hall a famer Tomlinson, they are going to a great running team.  While they will make the title game, they will fall one game short of the Super Bowl, because they are going to lose to the….
  5. Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl!   Yeah I know I make this prediction every year and we finished last in the division.  However, we did finish with a  4 game winning streak.  I also think all the bad elements are out of the locker room, and we replaced inexperience with proven veterans.  I think the President Holmgren, he will look to keep the team solid and fundamentally sound.   We are going to surprise a lot of folks this year, and as always:  GO BROWNS!

Go Browns!

Feel free to fire away at my predictions, what else are you going to do before football starts tonight.  :-)