week1 Well since I have already paid my money for the run, my brother-in-law is coming, and my wonderful wife has booked a family vacation around the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, I think it time I start training for the run.  It is 18 weeks away, and it is time to get started (officially starts on 9-6).  This is my last weekend of freedom!

These post’s are going to be similar to what I did for the 2009 run.  I will share my running for the upcoming week, and talk about my running from the previous week.  A couple of things I will add to the posts from last year is hopefully going to provide some fun and interaction for you reading the post.  First, each post I will include a new picture (I took two disposable cameras) each week from my Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge in 2009.  Hopefully you smile and if your running Disney for the first time, may provide some extra motivation. 

Second is the song of the week, and this is where I need your help.  I want to know what you listen to on your long runs, or if a song comes makes you want to get up and jump around.  I hear what your hearing!  I will share the song on my next post, and make you an official honorary matt goofy training partner, and 10 bonus points.  :-) 

Seriously I am looking to update my music, and I hope you can help.

This week my song is Thunderstruck,by AC/DC (the live version) just a nice build up, and always a great way to start a run.

So here is week 1 of the training program:


Cross Train/ Lower Body






3 Hills




Core/Upper Body Lifting



As you may have noticed my program is slightly different this year.  A couple of reasons for the change

  • Avoid Overtraining
  • Want to go a little faster
  • Jimmy approved it :-)

Really the last reason is why I did the changes, I want to run with my good friend Jim, not in front or behind and I want to keep up with him.  :-)  So we talked about reducing the Sat, runs and doing hills for speed and strength.  So when you see the 3 hills, you maybe wondering what that is for me.  By my house, and the start (go down) and finish (go up) I have a hill.  The hill is ~ 3 tenths of a mile long.  I will be breaking the hill into 3 stages from a running stand point (recovery on my walk back down the hill):

  • Stage 1 50% speed
  • Stage 2 85% speed
  • Stage 3 110% and as my friend Brian says SPLODE

I am sure I will develop a name for it by the end of the 18 weeks.  If anyone has any names for my hill, just shout them out in the comment section!.  if you just got inspired by this post, there is still room!  The full is at 65%, the half is at 77% and Goofy is at 70% registration!  So come out and join me if your up for the challenge!