epcot So this should come as no surprise to many of the book of the month is a Disney World book!.  Just trying to get you ready for your summer vacation plans.   The book I chose is a great book to give you an alternative view to EPCOT.  The book: Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot at Walt Disney World by the Imagineers provided a great new view to EPCOT, and gave some great nuggets of information as I walked through the park.  Like where to find the talking trash cans, and the overall design guidelines for EPCOT.

It was like having a personal guided tour by an imagineer in your hip pocket.   The book was laid out in an easy to follow pattern, stepping you through book going from Future World (East Central, and West) as well as the World Showcase and what the design goals of the rides, attractions, buildings and shows to help tell the story but to also keep you immersed in the world of Disney.  There are so many little details, that can go unnoticed or the use of old school movie tricks, liked forced perspective (that is why the Eiffel tower seems to be so tall!).  It provided me with a new out look on the parks and something I will be able to share with my kids when we go back to Disney.  Which I am looking forward to! 

While this is the only book I purchased while I was in Disney, I will be buying the other Field Guides for the other parks, these are great books!

I really got interested in the backstage and how Disney tells the story after I took a tour of the Magic Kingdom.  Deb and I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour.  It was about a 5 hour walking tour that showcased Disney in a new light for me.  It is a great tour and I highly recommend this to anyone headed to Disney.  A quick point of order, you have to be 16 or older to take the tour, so no young ones allowed. 

The amount of new details and perspective I now notice and pick up on as I walk through the parks, is nothing short of amazing.  As I wrap this post, I will leave you with a bit of trivia, and insight I had never noticed until my last visit to Disney.

Bonus question:  In the Magic Kingdom, there is a statue with a man sitting with Minnie Mouse, who is the man?  10 point extra credit, where is this statue, trust me this really surprised me. 

Have a great weekend!