TNITQ406 Happy April, we had a change of the program and the code, the new code to get a discount !  I hope everyone is starting off with a great spring.  What a better way to celebrate Spring than giving your favorite IT Pro a new TechNet subscription and you can save 25% with TNITQ406!!!!!

Just Use TNITQ406 when ordering your new subscription.

Click here to get your TechNet Subscription:

Purchase a TechNet Subscription

Then just enter the Promotion Code:  TNITQ406

If you have not checked out what you get with a TechNet Subscription here are a few of the benefits:

  • Full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes; includes Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software as well as Beta software: pre-release versions of Microsoft software to keep up to date on the latest technologies.
  • Two (2) complimentary technical support incidents and a 20% discount on additional phone support incidents you purchase.
With an annual subscription, you can evaluate over 70+ full-version Microsoft software titles like Windows 7 and Office 2010 without time or feature limits. 
But hurry!  Offer ends 6/30/10.

And of course you still get the TechNet Library containing the Microsoft Knowledge Base, security updates, service packs resource kits, utilities, technical training, and product documentation to keep your systems and IT skills up to date!!!!

Some details about the offer:

This promo code is only for new subscriptions, you can use the code for renewals as well, however you are already saving 33% on renewals (but if you use my code it makes me look like I am doing my job :-)  Again we are having a bit of a contest so please use my code: TNITQ406

So go get your TechNet Subscription today, and remember use the promotion code: TNITQ406 to save 25%!!!!!!!!

This offer is only for NEW TechNet Plus Direct orders only and is only valid for redemption in the US.  Offer is valid 4/1/10 to 6/30/10, subject to change


[UPDATE] If you get a 1025 error, please drop me an email by using the email link on the left.  I appologize for any issues.