We have all been there, your driving, you hear your cell phone ring, ding or beep, trust me it is not that important and here is why (please take a minute to read the article):

Child killed in 3-car accident in Columbia Heights

It is probably like hundreds of other similar stories you have seen.  You probably are wondering why this article, made me wake up to my stupidity of using my cell phone in the car.  There are a few things you need to know.

The man with the infant is my friend

He loved his son

His son’s name is Grayson Paul Earl Jett

His son is now gone.

All I ask, is two things please:

  1. Send your prayers and thoughts for my friend and his family, they are going to need all the support we can offer. 
  2. When you are in car whether it is a quick trip to the store or on a long road trip, leave the phone off, there is nothing more important than a life.

I know I will.

[UPDATE]: Due to the unexpected loss of Grayson, there is an has been an on-line memorial fund created to help offset medical and funeral expenses.

If you'd like to donate securely online, please click the following link: www.giveforward.org/grayson/