navy Welcome College Football Season!!!!!!

This weekend marks the beginning of college football.  My beloved Buckeyes are playing Navy this weekend.  The game has taken on a different meaning beyond football for a lot of folks and I have seen a couple of cool articles.

The first one surprised with the title:

Ohio St. Asks Fans To Cheer For Navy In Opener

ohiostatelogo2What surprised me even more is that former naval pilot Sen. John Glenn will be dotting the I.  Click the link above for more information.

The other article, and worth the read, my brother (buckeye fan and retired Navy Chief)sent me from  You can read the article here:

but I wanted to share a couple of my favorite quotes:

The very reason for which the Midshipmen will be applauded on Saturday is exactly why they won’t be intimidated.  You don’t volunteer for what they’ve all signed up for, only to cower at the sight of Brutus the Buckeye. 

Before it was built in 1922, with its famed rotunda, the design of Ohio Stadium was influenced by the Pantheon and Roman Coliseum.  Eighty-seven years after it opened, The Horseshoe will welcome not gladiators, but warriors.

Makes you really put the game into perspective.  Go Buckeyes and Go Navy!