Thank you to everyone who attended the webcast I delivered on July 16.  We chatted about some of the new migration and server manger features in R2.  You can watch the replay of the webcast here:

New Server Migration and Server Manager functionality in Windows Server 2008 R2

I also want to thank Kevin Remde and Keith Combs for helping out with the questions we had from the webcast.  Here are the list of questions from the live webcast:

Question: Where can I find more information on deployment?

Question: Where can I find information on how to migrate roles to Windows Server 2008 R2?
Answer: Migrate Server Roles to Windows Server 2008 R2

Question: Can you migrate a W2K8 Core server to W2K8 R2 Core server?
Answer: No, you can only migrate a R2 core install. The list of supported migration paths are at

Question: Is there a limitation on the size of the data that can be migrated?
Answer: I've been looking at the various docs and I cannot find any space limitations for migration, the limit would be imposed by the amount of available drive space on the drives used for migration.