nfl-logoOkay, after the whole Brett Farve saga, and Green Bay I think you made a huge mistake! I decided to write a fun post for Friday, my 5 bold predictions for the NFL this year.  They have come from much thought and debate.  (BTW I also made a new category, football) So here are my 5 predictions:

    1. Aaron Rodgers is in for a long year as are the Packer fans.  If Aaron was cracking he was under pressure (which he was) with the whole Brett Farve ordeal, he has not seen anything yet.  wait until he starts playing.  When he has a bad game how will he be then?  You think the pressure is big now, wait until the fans remind him he is not Brett.  Take heart Packer Fans, you will still make the playoffs, great defense and weak division will get you there!
    2. Giants will not even make the playoffs.  When you look at what made them it great, and no it was not Eli.  What was it, defense and with the lose of Strahan, and the tough division they are in for a long season.
    3. Stephen Jackson, will pull a Barry Sanders and the St. Louis Ram running back will not even play this season.  The only way that he will play is if the Ram's meet his demands and I do not think that will happen.  Although I think his Barry Sanders impersonation will only last one season, I do not expect him to be on the field.
    4. Cowboys are going lose in the playoffs again.  Sorry Romo, you are going to cruise through the regular session and probably win the NFC east (again weak division), but once again, no wins in the playoffs.  Look for a lot of fun off season questions.
    5. Browns are going to win the Super Bowl.  This is my boldest prediction, and mark my words if they win the division, they are going to be a tough out in the playoffs.  The team is young, hungry, and loaded with talent.  However, they are  in a tough division and have a tough out of division schedule. 

This will be a great year in the NFL, and no I will not get used to seeing Farve in a Jets uniform!

Feel free to fire away at my predictions, what else are you going to do on a Friday.  :-)