Okay being a Browns fan I read a lot of things about football.  But this article/comment caught my attention.  Especially when it is Carson Palmer (USC grad), and he chimes in against the buckeyes.  In a nutshell this just gives me another reason to dislike the Bengals, not that I needed one but hey just keeps the fire burning. 

So what has me fired up, this statement:

"I cannot stand the Buckeyes and having to live in Ohio and hear those people talk about their team, it drives me absolutely nuts."

Read the full article here:  Carson Palmer: Can't stand Ohio State; USC will give them a butt-whooping

Come on Carson!

If Braylon Edwards (School up North Grad) can lead Browns fan in OH...IO cheer (Read the full article here: (Anderson’s 2 TD passes lead Browns 27-13 over ragged Ravens) , why can't you at least understand the passion Ohio has for football.  Sure your from SC, but your living is made by the people that live in the state of OHIO!  So those same people that drive you nuts, in a sense, sign your paycheck.  I think you need to listen to Braylon:

“This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I’ve adopted and the one that has adopted me."

It will be a great game in SoCal on Sept. 13th. Even if you do not like either team this should prove to be a fantastic game!  A game, I truly believe the Buckeyes will win!

Go Buckeyes!