brownsI am extremely excited about this post!!!!! 

A few weeks back our team got some really nice cameras from Sony, with the goal to do  some interviews with IT folks like you.  We wanted to find out how you use technology, what challenges you have and other aspects of what you do that would be interesting.  Overall this is an extremely exciting project and I am looking forward to doing many more interviews.

So who did I get to interview first?  Let me set the stage:

Here we go Brownies, Here we go!!!! <clap clap>

So for my first interview, I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Gordon Foust who is the IT Director for the Cleveland Browns.  We sat down a few weeks ago after the Browns put a 27-13 whipping on the ravens.  We talked about some of the challenges he faces as well as some of the unique aspects of running the IT shop for a professional football team.  It is a great look into how technology is being used for the Browns!

I will apologize ahead of time for the shakiness of the camera, I forgot my tripod at home and there is some shakiness during the interview.  For those of you you get queasy watching Halo 3, you might want to break out the Dramamine.  :-)

Enjoy the interview and let me know what you think and please comment.

Click here to watch the interview:

Interview: Gordon Foust, IT Director for the Cleveland Browns